Copy Cat Tiles

Recently we have noticed a copy cat product imitating our Stonetile, tiles. Our product, Stonetile, has been engineered and Canadian govenment approved for safety and longevity.

Stonetile has been engineered to withstand earthquake and extreme weather. It has been engineered for a certian weight and height. restrictions.

Stonetile has been engineered to be installed with a galvanised steel hanger which accomadated our trade marked rainscreen system.

These "COPY CAT" products are made in an unapproved factory warehouse, pretending to be STONETILE, tiles.

1.No one has approved the consistency of the concrete Slurry (recipe) for the tile.

2.They are installed with a mortar and no one has engineered the amount of mortar that it takes to saftely attach these tiles. The danger in this is that serious or fatal injury can occur if they spontaniously fall off.

3. The installers of these tiles have no training and are not accountable in any way to government regulation.

STONETILE is guarunteed for 25 years. COPY CAT tile has no guaruntee that it will be maintained or safe.

For a minute a builder or homeowner may feel they have saved money but in the long run it can be more costly than imagined.

Before beginning any building project be sure to do your due diligence and homework. Your very lives and safety may depend on it.